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Are you travelling around with your camper?
If you are 2 people and you decide to come to spend the night for a rest, you have an interesting offer:

Formula Camper: Arriving at the campsite from 19.00h on you can leave your camper in a plot and use all the services of the site for only 20 € the night.



1.- Prices are per night

2.-Add the people you are, the cars you bring (both outside and inside parking must be registered and         paid), the stores you have (no matter the size or accessories), also add if you bring a dog, and if you need   electricity .. the total will be your daily amount of stay.

3.- For those who bring pets will be requested so that the animal's hygiene standards  are met within the hull area and tied. Pets are ONLY allowed for camping, NOT BUNGALOW.

4.-To give electricity you will need a cable or extension

5.- Check-in at 12pm and check-out until 12pm. If you want to stay more time, you have to pay a complete day. Is not possible a half stays. 

6.-For groups of more than 6 people a deposit of € 20 person will be requested, and sign the internal rules

    CHILDREN ARE NOT PERMITTED UNDER AGE who are not accompanied by an adult

One of the main features of the site is that, because of its natural location, probably is the most protected area of the whole zone against the strong easterly wind (Levante) which visits us often.


Even so, with children or friends, come camping in our site is an experience and certainly for the little ones will be a great adventure.


It is interesting to know that BBQ is permitted (unless adverse weather) and domestic animals are allowed throughout the year in the camping area, while respecting the basic standard rules of conviviality and hygiene.


There are specific conditions to come with pets, it is very important that you ask at reception or get informed before your arrival.

In the campsite there are 4 areas for camping with tent, which are differentiated primarily by their situation.


Red Zone: Central part of the camping where the main toilets and showers are. It is the oldest area of the Camping and therefore the trees and the shadow is plentiful. It is usually a very quiet area where many of our regular customers have their caravans.


Blue Zone: High part of the camping where the pool is ,where the second toilets and showers are and of course where all our Bungalows are situated. It is Specially suitable for customers with caravans and motorhomes , because this is where the plots have connections and sockets for this purpose.


Orange Zone: Highest Part of the camping. Lovely Wooded area and one of the largest for camping and a lot utilized for numerous groups. Camping Associations, Scouts and school groups of neighbour Countries are camping very often in this area.


Yellow Zone: Once we enter in the campsite, where we find the main square with the Reception, Restaurant and Supermarket. The play and sports grounds are also here in this area. It is Also very shady and many customers with caravans prefer staying here..

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